Family with multiple solids: Which one?

I have a family with multiple solids associated with different detail levels. How does dynamo decide which geometry to get? I’ve tried running the Elements.Solids node from the different detail levels, but it seems to always give me the geometry associated with Fine detail.

How are you trying to associate detail levels with the geometry? The core node should pull all the visible geometry from the element.

@mclough ,

thats horrible, i got just geometry in middle detail!


I stand corrected. It uses Medium only. I’ve never noticed this before.

The visibility of the solid geometry is controlled with the Family Element Visibility Settings


There’s one geometry used for Coarse setting, and one geometry used for Medium and Fine.



@Draxl_Andreas i’ll check and see if changing to medium geometry gives a different result

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yeah, i guess it makes sense that the geometry returned from a family couldn’t be view specific. We can just modify which is on the Medium setting

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