Family Mirror using Python and API

Hello All,
I tried to mirror Family type by Geometry. Mirror and it worked but the problem was that the Mirrored objects are only dynamo objects and cant be converted to Revit objects, my question is I want to mirror these desks at the other side of the Planes by using API and Python ??
I am very appreciated for any help

Why? You’re placing the other families in this graph, and geometry conversion is far and away the slowest aspect of Dynamo.

Just place the families for both sets of points at the same time.

Also, it’s likely going to be a lot easier to track this stuff when you get into off axis geometry if you use a coordinate system to track where stuff is instead of points. This adds the ‘facing direction’ to the object in the form of the coordinate system’s X axis (or Y axis - however you have your families and graphs set up).

Thanks, Jacob for your answer, you are right about the Element geometry node, it’s my fault, I duplicated the points according to a python script aslo you are right about it but I don’t know now how to do it now for the set points that I have i can explain it later , but now the main issue is I would like to have the desks perpendicular to the X-Axis in one case and another case to the Y-Axis as shown in the small script below so also the mirrored object should follow this as well, maybe there is another easier solution to replace it but this is what I got until now , so what do you think ?

Post the full dyn and everything needed to run your graph as is (ie: the Revit file) and I’ll try and have a look tomorrow.

I see you removed the post where shared the .dyn so myself and potentially others can help. This was on my list of stuff to look into today. Going shopping now instead - if it’s back up then perhaps I’ll have a look tomorrow.

Generally speaking his forum requires the history of posts to be maintained, otherwise instead of helping all users by allowing them to learn from how your work progressed we are only helping you today.

Hey Jacob no I am just updating the python code of course this forum to Share and learn from each other I am uploading it again, sorry for the misunderstanding I should told about it, i can also upload the old one again .

I think I found the solution but it needs to change the location family point to the middle, then to have two family instance by point one depending on curve and reverse curve, what I am gonna upload it here

15.09.2019.dyn (98.1 KB)

Hi @hamzeh_ahmad_1989

Here is the script Mirror(ForHamzeh).dyn (11.0 KB)