Family Instance Random Rotation

I am trying to randomly rotate some planting components that have already been placed in Revit. I was able to achieve this by selecting all of the family instances by family name, but I would rather just select specific elements. Every time I try to do this with Select Model elements Dynamo freezes up. I don’t understand why the Model elements list does not work, because it looks the same as the other list.

Are these lists different? Is there a different way I should try to approach this?

Here is what I have so far. The successful part is in the middle, with the Model element list at the top, and the Family Instance list at the bottom. Currently using daily build, but I’ve had the same results with 0.8.2

planting random rotation

Hi Lauren,

If your using select model elements try running in Manual mode. There are different ways to do though below are some example see if it helps.



I did not realize that running in Manual mode would make a difference, but good to know. After changing that I was able to run without any problems. Also, thanks for the python script.