Family change and create a dynamo sub list


In the beginning stage of project, we are added generic furniture for client approval. Now after approval, we need to change the family generic type to actual brochure type.

Please find the action list.

Stage 1:- In the beginning design as per brochure, we are putting instance comments in each generic family as below.

List below for reference

  • 00 General Desk (instance parameter called “Comments”)
    • 1200 x 500mm Class 1-4
    • 1400 x 700mm Class 5-10
    • 1500 x 700mm Class 11-12
    • 1800 x 900mm Office

Stage 2:- Now after approval, I need to change the generic furniture type to actual type.


Revit Schedule for reference.

I am try the change the family type but getting error and also hard to manage the list as below

In dynamo, we can sorting/grouping the list as below.

List Contentious…………


Try list by keys on the family type name.

You can’t change the type in the way you’re attempting. Use a FamilyInstance.SetType node in the clockwork package to achieve what you’re after.

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