Factual information about Dynamo as Add-in

I’m writing a small user’s manual for Dynamo in my native language.

I’m starting with instructions on how to download and install.

Is it correct for me to state that; Dynamo has been an Add-in in Revit since “Revit 2015 R2”?

-I’m a bit confused by Update Releases 2,3,4,5, which one introduced Dynamo?

Dynamo starting shipping with Revit as part of the Subscription release in September 2014. It has always been a Revit addin though.

Dynamo started as a Revit addin a little more than 4 years now and was originally available via Ian’s personal github https://github.com/ikeough. You can see the first commits here https://github.com/DynamoDS/Dynamo/commits/master?page=491. We added the installer and a forum to http://autodeskvasari.com/dynamo and now it has grown into it’s own online home at DynamoBIM.org.

There is a good interview from Marcello Sgambelluri where we talk a little about the history. http://dynamobim.com/qa-about-dynamo/




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