Fabrication part parameters

is it possible to access Top and Bottom extensions by API?

@shibujoseukken Yes, it is possible to access them by API.
Try this GetFabricationDimensionValues.dyn (6.7 KB)

from System.Collections.Generic import Dictionary

toList = lambda x : UnwrapElement(x) if hasattr(x, '__iter__') else UnwrapElement([x])

fabParts = toList(IN[0])

OUT = []

for fabPart in fabParts:
	fabDimensions = fabPart.GetDimensions()
	fabDimNames = [fabDimension.Name for fabDimension in fabDimensions]
	fabDimValues = [fabPart.GetDimensionValue(fabDimension) for fabDimension in fabDimensions]
	pyDict = dict(zip(fabDimNames, fabDimValues))
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Hi @AmolShah where I can find some examples about how create dictionary str,float/str,object ?
And for more than 2 list (in your exemple fabDimNames, fabDimValues).
Thanks in advance

@paris The easiest way out? Switch to a newer version of Dynamo! :laughing:

But if you can’t then these posts below should be a good start:

Doesn’t help much? I would suggest you start a new topic with what exactly you are trying to achieve and we will pitch in there to assist you :slight_smile: