Revit api parameters

Hi, how to access to dynamo objects parameters via rivet api in python&

Do you really need to use Python?
Because Dynamo has some really nice nodes for that.

Hi @khachatur2000,

I don’t mean to be rude, but have you tried the search function?

This subject have been covered noumerous times from all sorts of angles :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I am a beginner into Dynamo , what do you sujest insted of IronPython?

Thank you for a link, It’s very useful.

There’s nothing wrong with using Python in Dynamo, but there’s already possilibities to pretty simply load in via the “Select Model Element” node.

Here is a Youtube video on how to get and set parameters using Python in Dynamo.

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Thank you very much, Danny.

Thank’s a lot. Yes, I know that I can use Python2.7, IronPython.

Hey, guys, how you can explain this phenomenon, everything works correctly in the workplace, but at home the Dynamo scripts crash. I think that there is some modules don’t installed or missed. How to check us there all needed modules are installed or not?
In usual Python, I can write pip install the module that I need, but how in IronPython it works I don’t know? I write out a list of modules of IronPython but there are many modules that work with Revit and there absent in IronPython.

Do you have the same Dynamo versions running on these two systems?