CompoundStructure's data didn't be acquired well

Hello, all!!!

I need your help.
I would like to get the data from Revit Lookup API (Please show below figure). But I continue to fail it.

To get this, I tried to write Python code in dynamo like bellow.

I couldn’t get the results I wanted. Also, I didn’t know what ‘IropPython.Runtiime.Types.BuiltinFunction’ means.

on line 39 i would change it to this, this is because you are getting a list of compundstructures out so need to iterate over them to get each one.


Of course do not add the “ToString()” if you want to do get things from them(eg Name, material, thickness).

Thank you for answering!
I had tried it to solve the problem according to the your solution. But I failed again.
It had come out IronPython.Runtime.Types.BuiltinFunction.

Could you make a screenshot of the error message and paste your new code?

I attached my code and error message, here. Thank you!!

Your problem is with the for loop in line 45.
Try for construct in [cps]:
This makes a list of the thing you’re looking over.

Thank you so much!!