Fabric Mesh to Area Mesh

I have thought how when required to create area reinforcement within a large floor and for it to have staggered laps and laps in both major and minor directions, how cool would it be for Dynamo to tap into the Fabric Mesh capabilities already within Revit, ascertain the boundaries of the auto-generated mesh sheets and apply these boundaries to area reinforcement generation.

I managed to get as far as creating the fabric mesh as normal within Revit, selecting the fabric sheet elements for Dynamo and for Dynamo to supply the min and max boundaries, in relation to the intersection of the slab face. The resulting boundaries l then tried numerous methods to push this data through the Area Reinforcement Dynamo script l downloaded, but it constantly returned a response of something like “cannot make conversion”. At this point l was stumped and frustrated, that even with my limited Dynamo knowledge l progressed relatively far ‘for me’, to be stumped at the final hurdle or certainly very near it.

Any thoughts regarding the above would be gratefully received.

Anyone have a clue on how to get the BS Rebar LapSplice to work? I cannot.