Extracting Project History

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Ive been looking around and could not find the topics of the above subject.

I’m wondering if it is possible to extract the information on project history tool e.g. Last user, Last Date and Time Saved.

Im currently compiling series of scripts to generate a drafting view called opening view. Attached currently a manually populated opening view.

Im trying to create a dynamo generated. So each user need to run the script each time it is opened.

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I don’t think there is an API in Revit that would allow you to access that history of synchs. I can think of creating your own plug-in for Revit that generates such history but that would require coding up an add-in for Revit and hooking into DocumentSynchronized event. That’s pretty easy to do. Then you would just need a place to store it. A database would do. All in all it would have been possible to create such a startup view, but I don’t think that Dynamo is the right tool for it. With a little bit of coding you could automate that COMPLETELY so users wouldn’t have to run anything and that view would just update.

One thing to consider: Are you sure that it’s a good idea to invest this much time into creating a startup view? What’s the return on that investment besides a view that presents information to the end user, that frankly, I doubt any end user would pay any attention to. Just my two cents.

Ps. I couldn’t find any documentation for getting the history in Revit API, but if someone else has more luck please share here. I will be happy to stand corrected.

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We need to automate the list of cad files linked into this project because its a modelling based on cad revisions.

We also have multiple revit users in a team that handles the files. We are talking about 30 different architecture models being opened by more then 5-6 different person throughout the modeling just for archi. We also have structure and mep model. Our team consist of 30 modelers. Its hard to track who is the latest person opens/save the file.

In that case, I would suggest that you go for a more automated approach. You probably don’t want to rely on users executing a Dynamo definition every time they open the model.

Just to make sure that I am clear here.

  • You can use Dynamo, to collect information about the linked files and sheets/revisions. That would not be an issue.
  • You will not be able to get info about the Save/Synch events from Dynamo though.
  • You will not be able to automatically populate these views if you use Dynamo. For that you will need a plug-in for Revit.


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is it hard to write a plug-in for Revit? assume i have a minimal coding experience.

Seek your guidance on this @Konrad_K_Sobon

Yes, I would say it’s hard for someone that has no coding experience. There are some good resource to get started. Have a look here: http://archi-lab.net/building-revit-plug-ins-with-visual-studio-part-one/ There are other tutorials there as well that go further into detail on how to code up a Revit API plugin.

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