Is it possible to retriving model open and sync times with Dynamo?


I been trying to do some research to determine if it is possible to retrieve open and sync times for a Revit model. I don’t need the information to be 100% live. If I can parse a text file or something of that nature, I think that would be sufficient. Does anyone know if this is possible? Has anyone attempted this and can point me a direction to start? I appreciate any and all help. Thank you.

Hello, I am not totally sure that it is what you’re after, but it could be worth taking a look at RevTime:

Thank you for the reply Yna_Db. I will review the links. I am looking to mine data from the Revit models to display on a “Model Health” dashboard. I am also looking to track the data long term to try and make correlations between model open/sync times and file size/number of model elements/number of links/ect.

For the Dashboard part of it, ArchSmarter’s videos could be a good start: