Extract list of ONLY non repeated items

Hello everyone,

I have a list : {“A”,“B”,“D”,“E”,“B”,“D”} and I’d like to extract a list of ONLY non repeated items, in this case only A ad E. How can I achieve that within Dynamo or Python. I’ve tried with Python, importing collection counter but it did not work. please help. Thanks in advance!

Hi @moughit.bouchaara

Here is one of the possible way…

Thanks @Kulkul ! Great. I was wondering how we could do that with python (1 node), for instance with the counter collection. My script is already huge. Otherwise, I will use your solution, thanks again.

Could you send your piece of code so that we can quickly see what this issue is about?

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@moughit.bouchaara Like this:


Brilliant @Kulkul! thanks a lot!

@Yna_Db is right you should show us your code and errors. It helps others who is trying to help you.

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I will, but in this case. appending the code will not help, I kept it simple. The question was straighforward. Thanks everyone!

This is totally understandable. However, as I can see that you are newcomer, let me point out that the forum guidelines are mainly dedicated to maintain a good level of communication on this forum by exposing these simple savvy rules:

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I totally agree . However, If I can keep it simple I will! It will be quick and efficient for everyone. Special thanks to @Kulkul !