Extract geometry from a room and delete it afterwards

I`m trying to extract the geometry of a room after i create it with dynamo and delete it afterwards, the problem is that unless i run the graph twice the Element.Geometry node gives me an empty list.
Does anyone know of a way to create the element and extract the geometry in one single run?

You can try using a transaction node in order to let the room creation finish before extracting the geometry.

I tried that variant extensively, sometimes i get the geometry(in the case of the first model) but now i don`t.I may be using that improperly.

Can you share your .rvt (stripped down) and .dyn files so we can troubleshoot?

Hello, unfortunately i am not allowed to share the model, even stripped down, but i can share the graph, and it should work just by changing the inputs. I really appreciate the help, i just dont see what im missing.

Graph error.dyn (79.8 KB)

Have you checked to make sure the Room you’re creating is coming in properly? Is it being placed? Does it have geometry?

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The geometry is definitely there, the issue appears when I delete the room and surrounding walls. I tried both with Springs.Doc.DeleteElements and Tool.Eraser.

The graph is working for me. Can you turn on all the node previews and Export Workspace as Image using the camera icon in the top right? Don’t know if there’s much else I can look at without your Revit model.

I spent quit some time testing and trying, the room at some point came out unplaced because the point was within a wall and i changed the walls with room separators and dropped the delete elements. Due to deliveries i have to settle with this solution , but i will revisit when i have a chance.
Thanks for the help so far!