Extract coordinate system from bounding box

There are nodes for getting Max and Min points from a bounding box, but not coordinate system. I can see coordinate system in the bounding box, how do I get it out?

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Thanks Vikram. Unfortunately it hasn’t solved my problem.

I’m trying to generate a line parallel to an element by using its bounding box. But a line between Max and Min is not parallel, it goes from bottom left to top right so is at an angle.

I imagine I could extract X and Y values and swap them around, but to do that I would need to know the direction (i.e. direction of longest dimension) of the bounding box.

Again I could workout the direction by comparing X and Y values, but gosh, it is starting to get real complicated.


Can I use the coordinate systems to get a vector or something?

The Bounding Box approach is not going to work (yet) as it is always aligned to world CoordinateSystem.

eg - A bounding box of a cube rotated by 45 degrees will be a larger cuboid

The Coordinate System aligned bounding box issue is an old one that is yet to be resolved it seems.


what kind of elements Antony ?

I am wondering if there is an alternate approach, rather than using the bounding box.

Elements are Generic Model families.

I thought extracting out the geometry of a named Reference Plane (like Center (Front/Back) would be a good approach but I couldn’t find a way to do it.

for line based generic models, clockwork Element.Location seems to work (orange)

Otherwise I think you would have to use a specific face (green)


You could try the following to get a parallel line through a point based instance: