Extension to show progress bar

Is there any extension for dynamo that popup a window or progress bar to show how much the graph is run and also gives estimated time as well. Some graphs really do run across eras…:pensive:

I have come across some progress bar that runs for a spefic node but for entire graph would be just awesome…!


Thanks @robert12546358
I am already using this,what iam expecting is a progress bar for entire graph.
like in this image below…


From what I’ve seen of this discussion in the past, an overall loading bar is not possible due to the way computational logic/processing works (it would need to pre-calculate a ‘dry run’ to even estimate how long it would take to finish).

The method linked is handy if you know how to write and measure the progress of respective python nodes though… probably only suited to iteration loops I think but they’re quite common. Maybe it can be added at stages throughout a script to show the point the script has reached?

There’s some good links here;

i think it is impossible to have an external extension of progress bar for the entire graph. Even if there is, it will not be accurate as it uses “Counting of number of nodes” methodology and not the “exact task of each node completed and remaining” methodology.
If im not wrong, the latest dynamo core is gonna implement a tuneup extension whereby it calculates the time required for each node. maybe you can take a look at that extension and use that methodology to develop a new progress bar extension for graph. But as far as i know, No, there isnt an progress bar extension for the entire graph.

Anyone Have dll Processbar this, i want Use It, Please !

Hey Chuong,

I have revived the scattered pieces of the ProgressBar. You can download it here. Also wrote a short blog post, in case you are interested.