Exporting results from Refinery

Is there a way to export results from Refinery study?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer isn’t something we can give as your question is too vague. Export what data results to what other platform?

I was having the exact same question. What about exporting all the inputs and outputs to a .csv file? Is there also a way for extracting the time when each datum is generated? (for creating an animation of how the optimization solver is working).

edit: Just tried looking inside the .RefineryResults folder but I really have no clue about how to deal with these JSON files. Any recommendation?

Try the Refinery Results as a start.

What you are looking at there is the DYN in text format re-encoded for Refinery. There may be other results further down but I can’t recall offhand.

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Thanks, my bad! I didn’t realize I was showing RefineryTask instead of RefineryResults.

I will play around and see what I can get from that file. I am not sure how it is organizing inputs and outputs within the “solutions” vector.