Exporting DynaShape Script to Project Refinery

I am doing an exercise exporting Long Nguyen’s DynaShape package script to Project Refinery. It is my very first attempt to use DynaShape. I was able to open DynaShape’s sample files after the most recent package installation. The new Refinery Beta solved the graphic error I experienced previously.

The latest road block comes to the exporting the script to Refinery. Has anyone have this error message before and possibly found a solution?

  • Revit 2019.2
  • Dynamo Core
  • Dynamo Revit
  • DynaShape

I haven’t had that problem before, but I think I know what is going on… do you have the “Solver.Execute” node set to be an output? Remember that Refinery can only use numbers as an output, so you need a way to quantify how well the end results perform.

I tried to run the spatial truss deformation example from Autodesk University, using the latest versions of refinery and Dynamo, but it doesn’t work. Refinery runs just fine, except that the deformation score (a result from Dynashape) is not considered in the simulation.

Another screen of the problem.

Can you post a screenshot showing which watch node is the deformation score output?

I’ve got the same issue. Refinery manages Material Score and Platform Area (values obtained directly from Truss geometry) correctly, but Deformation Score is not considered, even Dynamo shows results from it.

Any progress?

What version of Refinery, Dynamo, and Dynashape are you using?


First of all, sorry for the delay
In my case:

Refinery: from RefineryInstaller-v0.35.0