Exporting CAD or PDF without opening REVIT


Hi Tom,

Thanks for the response. As you see, i want to select an specific view sets from a revit file without opening it. Thanks to ‘Document.BackgroundOpen’ it can do the trick. Thus, i want to add the node ‘View Sets’
and ‘Get Views form View Set’ in order for me to control the sheets i want to print.

I hope you can help me with this, It will save alot of time.

Please see image below;



Anyone? I need help in controlling the sheets that I’m going to print without opening the revit file.
Thank you very much in advance.



Agree with @rommel.cano, having a filter for Sheet Sets to print will help a lot.



You can use the node “View Sets from document” from the package Genius Loci to filter your Sheet sets.

The package also contains some nodes to export dwg, pdf, IFC and NWC without opening Revit files or from linked Revit files.


Hi Alban,

I tried it but it didn’t work. Can you please comment image below,

FYI “Print PDF from directory” node is in the longest lacing.

Many Thanks



You need to get the views from the viewset.
The node is waiting for a list of Printsettings.
The longest lacing is only useful when you open and print from multiple Revit files.


Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner,
Thank you for the development of this package, this look just perfect.

I have downloaded your package, 2018.9.5 but couldn’t find the node Document.BackgroundOpen, do you have any instruction with the last release of GeniusLoci ?

I am trying to set-up your workflow in my team, I didn’t had the occasion to make it work due to the missing node but I would like to know if the Revit file open in the Background is a Master or a timestamp Local version of the file (Should we ask the overall designer to close their files). Can you explain a little bit about the process or do you have any documentation on the web.

Thank you,



Document.BackgroundOpen node doesn’t come from the Genius Loci package.
You can use the node “Application.OpenDocumentFile” from Rhythm package.

It should work with the Central or Local file. I use usually this workflow with the Central File to be sure to have the sheets up to date.
Designers have no reason to close their local files because this PDF export will not change the central file.

I wrote some documentation but I did not find the time to put it online on a website. The site will be added in the package description when it will be done.



My mistake thanks you for sharing, I’ll try with this node then,
Just by curiosity, could you tell me where to find the Document.BackgroundOpen node as this post (Export Sheets from Linked Models) seam to say that the node come from the Rhythm package too.

I’ll stay tune for your documentations, this workflow is a game changer.
Thank you.


Document.BackgroundOpen is simply the former name of the node in question in Rhythm package.

I quantified the time saved for my company by exporting hundreds of well-named deliverables in one click and the time saved is impressive.