Export to Navisworks

I’m trying to create 2 procedures:

  1. Exports current 3d view as NWC (Navisworks); saves to given project folder. View name = filename
  2. Exports ALL 3d views with specific keyword and saves to project folder, View name = filename, same as above.

my current “code” for #1 doesn’t really want to work for some reason…

this is getting funny. The code for procedure #1 is below… now the problem is I can only execute it once!!!
since nothing is changing on Dynamo side it thinks I don’t need to re-create the file… very annoying!
can someone smarter than me explain how to fight this behavior?

Have a look at this:

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Thank you Salvatore. Yes, this is something I could use to export all views. At this point the problem is code only runs once… then i need to jump around detach-re-attach nodes to make it work again.

Hi @ivanm

Use Dynamo Player.

where i can get installation? is this autodesk thingy?.. Looks like Revit 2016 doesn’t support Dynamo player. :frowning:

Yes you should have Revit 2017.1 or latest.

yes… unfortunately my current project is in 2016

Have you tried Dyno browser http://prorubim.com/en/tools/dyno/ it will work for Revit 2016 as well.

Just so I understant, at what point do you want the script to re run? what’s the change that should trigger a new run ?

short answer is I want to re-run when i hit run button in Dynamo. Longer answer is I’m modifying the model then saving/exporting to Navis, then checking in Navis - modifying in Revit again and exporting to Navis again… and again

Installed Dyno browser following instructions below… and it just kills Revit when i rescan storage :slight_smile:


try this :

The ForceChildrensEval node will force the script to rerun every time you press execute in manual mode.
(the data-shapes navisworks export node is not necessary… it’s just the only one I have installed :slight_smile: )


yeah… this is an interesting idea! Still doesn’t re-run when i just flip between views…tried to place this force_eval everywhere I can but no luck…