Export to multiple excel sheets error : iteration over non-sequence of type category

Hi all, I’m trying to export the data in multiple sheets by using BB Data node from Bublebee package. But when I run the script, I receive the following error.
iteration over non-sequence of type category.
Not sure how to fix it, can anybody help, please. Thank you: slight_smile:

You aren’t using any of the formatting features, why not try using the OOTB nodes instead? So long as your lost structure matches it should work fine here.

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Hi Jacob, thanks for the reply, I’ll look into it. Will share the feedback soon.

Data that you are feeding into the first node is just a single item. It’s not a list. The error is pretty self-explaining. You are giving it a single item, but it’s trying to iterate over it. Put that thing into a list, and problem should go away.

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