Export specific schedules to excel sheet

@GavinCrump is there a way to export specific schedules to an excel sheet using your export method? I dont need the dropdown, just my schedules called Lintel Schedule and Column Schedule

Not quite sure what you mean. Those nodes are from data shapes, not my package.

My export nodes in Crumple can generally export to a new document and workset. I haven’t built them to handle multiple tabs for multiple documents currently.

If that’s from my export schedule video, that one can export any number of schedules using the Bumblebee package I believe. You can find schedules by name if you don’t want to pick them each time, then bypass needing to use Data shapes in the first place.

Hi @technitutors
You can use Bimorph package for what you are after. You will need to get the view by the schedule name and feed that view into the Schedule.GetData node. Then feed the data results to the Data input of the export to excel node. Per below, I have a schedule called “Pieces Export”.