Export Revit Warning to CSV with descriptions, category, workset and Level

Hi all
I tried to export the Revit warning to csv with category, workset, level and descriptions and I can’t figure why doesn’t work.

I have attached the dynamo dyn file and the suppose output image.

Export Warning.dyn (45.9 KB)

Your help and guide is appreciated

Change the lacing mode to Auto on the Data.ExportExcel node and let us know if that works

Hi thank you for the reply. Yup that works. However I encounter another issue.

Somehow my workset shown blank, and category and level show all in N/A.

It’s not possible for me to know why that would be the case unless you share a screenshot of the entire graph with pinned output of all the nodes.

Apologies, please see the screenshot below. Essentially is the same dyn file I attach in the first post.

Thanks for your help

I think it’s because you are feeding the nodes with a string instead of an element.
Try this:
Export Warning.dyn (47.6 KB)

Thanks, I revisit the script again and I found the same thing. I currently still trying to solve these two

Element category is working but somehow the workset and level doesnt seem to works… even with feeding with element.

Any idea? thanks again

Update: Got the workset working. with element input. Dynamo is acting strange on me.
Now try to solving the level… which still doesn’t works :frowning:

Are you able to get the level for some elements?
It good to keep in mind that not all elements in Revit would always have a Level defined. Hence you will get N/A for few elements.

Nope, I not able to get any level on any elements. It is quite strange.
Noted on the not all the elements have level, therefore I replace with n.a. I know there is few error on the floor which should be show up level. …

How does you graph look like now? Can you share a screenshot?

Sure. Please see the full screenshot below

After I changed the node to L1, the level show but show 299 instead of 199 warning

Let it stay on @L2 as before but change the lacing on the Manage.ReplaceNulls node to Auto in the Warning Element Level group.

Also, it’s a good idea to NOT manage the lacing by yourself on all nodes.
Always keep it on Auto unless you specifically know what you are doing.

Sure, thank you for the tips.:slight_smile:

I probably know why doesn’t work on the level.

Due to the wall overlap on a different level possibly that is why the level give me a null

It seems like level is working fine.
It’s just that you have 299 values of Level against 199 values of other parameters. So you are seeing the null values in the List.Transpose node.

Thanks Amol. I think the script is working just not on the project I currently working on.
I tried the script on the sample project and it works :smiley:

But it still doesn’t explain the level cause in the sample project from Revit, the wall level also different.

It has nothing to do with the difference in Levels.
It is happening because of the difference in count of members present in each list.

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Thanks Amol, You are life saver! thanks for all the help and guide :smiley:

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