Export point file

Hi, I used the dynamo “ZeroTouchImage” scrypt to extract the points from an image. How should I export this points into an external file(for revit)?


For what do you need these points?
You could export them to excel and than create a topographie with the normal Revit functions.

How could I export them to excel?

Why do you wish to extract to an external file (excel) when Dynamo have direct access to Revit?

I need these point to create a polyline (on a wall) in revit

You can create the polycurve directly in Dynamo from the output you have:

Then all you need to do is to create/apply it to you wall in Revit.

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Thank you, I will try this solution

@Jonathan.Olesen I’ve replicated your nodes, but i obtained a wrong connection of the points. Is there a way to connect the nearest point?

You could try sorting the points by their average vector and a Nurbscurve with a low degree instead?

Either what @Ewan_Opie suggests or sorting your points in regards to their distance from each other.

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