Export pictures of Adaptive Components inside a loop

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to export a set of images from Revit automatically. This images will have an Adaptive Component on different positions along a wall. To do this I have a list with the 4 positions (4 sets of 4 points to place the AC) and the file path to save the images.


So in a code block I have a loop that goes over each position, places the AC by points, then modifies the original path so it doesn’t make a duplicate of the image and then using that new path it exports the image (photo0, photo1, photo2, photo3).

The problem I’m having is that the 4 exported images are the same. Apparently the 3D view from where I’m exporting the image is not updating while the code block is running.

I’m using Dynamo 1.3.2 and Revit 2018.

Any help will be appreciated!

Struggling with the same problem. Could someone come to rescue please?

Quick idea, not sure it works, but has one of you tried with a Python Script node ? Maybe it will do the trick…