Export Hatch or region Filed

So the situation is that I have a 56 Level tower consists of over 260 units, the target to export in 3d to AutoCAD each unit with its own boundary and hatch on a unique layer for each item.

I already done that exported the boundary as a polyline according to the unit position, elevation and its own unique layer in AutoCAD but I’m not able to do the same with the hatch or the region field as there is no way to create in 3d and even if I did I can’t export to AutoCAD on specific layers .

I exported the boundary of the unit to Rhino and by grasshopper created the hatch and exported to AutoCAD on the specific layers as I wanted but unfortunately, I can’t read the hatch area which is the whole point from doing that so the areas, levels, units number can be read automatically from the cad file.

I ran out of options, I really hope anyone can suggest another way or alternatives

Why not build a surface (3D)for each unit, override the material/fill in the unit views, and export that?

How to do it as a surface in 3d, to override the material it need to be Revit element and when exported will the Autocad read it as a hatch.

Make a surface. Apply a material. Add a parameter for the unit number. Filter by unit number when you export, hiding the non-match version.

Last I checked a material pattern reads as a hatch on export.

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I tried as you suggested but I get that error.

It was that the file extension at first rfa a family file not a family template, i got a family template and checked they have the same units and material.

It works but when I open the family file it’s empty.

Exported the surfaces from the Revit 3D view after overriding the materiel but no hatch in AutoCAD

Still no hatch,

There is no hatch on the surfaces in Revit either.

It has i checked before exporting to AutoCAd but it was small i needed to zoom in so I can see it

Is it a mode hatch or a drafting hatch? Only one of those export.

Material is applied to the surfaces and override the material in the 3d view then exported

What type of hatch does the material use?

I made a new material and applied a hatch pattern only not a mode or drafting hatch

Post a sample rvt and your dyn.