Dynamo reading hatch in from CAD

Hi all, I stumbled upon this problem which I wish Dynamo has some way to work around.

I have some hatches imported from a CAD file and I hope to use Dynamo to read the hatches (mainly to find out its combined area) without exploding the CAD.

Is there a way to do it? I tried the package Bimorph but unfortunately it doesnt read/select hatches from CAD links.

I am told by someone to export csv form CAD? i also tried this but all in vain.

If there is anyone who could shed some light into this matter it would be highly appreciated.

Easied way would be to link the CAD file and extract all geometry. Hatches will show up as surfaces. Downside to this is that you will not get info such as layers and stuff

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Hi I know this is a very rudimentary question. what have I done wrong here?
the error says:

Warning: One or more geometries have failed to convert due to this error: The type initializer for ‘Autodesk.LibG.LibGPINVOKE’ threw an exception.

Also, if i want to also know the layer of this particular surface/hatch, what else should i do?
I am new to dynamo but i am quite familiar with python. i wonder if this could also be done in python nested in dynamo?

EDIT: After moving back to Revit 2018, it works again.

Is it possible just to get the layer of the extracted surface? is there any workaround?

Would greatly appreciate on your knowledge on this matter!!