Export Elements Parameters to Excel Tab by Level

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I am working on a projects with multiple levels, I built a graph that allow me export elements parameters to excel per level but I need to run every level every times to get each sheet name of excel correspondent with each level.
Is it anyway to run all 30 levels in one go? Thanks for helps.

Vinh Vo

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You could make a list of levels as your very first input (where you used level 10) and then use the listlevel option on other nodes to have your graph work on the sublists.

Another option is to get all elements and sort every element by their level.

you can use Document.AllLevels from Orchid package.
All Level



I am able create list of level and send to each tab of excel but the elements filter did not work anymore, no data to send to excel, let me know if it can be fixed, thanks

Here you go…

Category by Level .dyn (6.8 KB)

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Thanks, I manage to export the data to excel but unable to transpose to column.
Any suggestion should be great.
I also try add header for each column in excel, work for export level one by one but not sure how to insert list when doing the whole lot, any recommendation should great helps. Thanks

Yes, it is finally work, thanks again.

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