Excel.ReadFromFile node stopped working

I created a graph that reads x,y,z locations of trees from an exel file and drops a family at that location on the site. It worked great last week, putting 4500 trees into my site plan and pushed data about the trees into family parameters. But this week, with no changes to anything, it causes Revit 2018.2 to freeze up. I disconnected everything after the Excel.ReadFromFile node, and it still freezes. I have stripped the very large data file down to just 20 entries, and it still freezes. I uninstalled and reinstalled Office 365, no luck.

I installed “bumblebee” using its “read excel” and removed the Excel.ReadFromFile node and it still freezes.

Has anyone else experienced this and solved it?

Can you post your DYN or a screen grab of your workspace per-run?

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Ewan, the .dyn is too large, but this is a screen capture of the pertinent nodes. As I said, the graph has been working fine. When I run it, the excel file opens, but Revit eventually grays out and hangs up.


Try putting one tree, at one point, into a new file. Just to check if the script works correctly in a new file for a single element. If the errer persists, disconnect all the nodes and reconnect them one by one. Maybe one of the nodes is giving problem in revit 2018. If you find it you could replace it with another one or write a python script.

Thanks for the reply. I did actually reduce the file down to 20 trees and it didn’t work. I disconnected after the excel node, and it still froze. I also used the bumblebee excel read node and it still froze.

I tried copy/paste of the whole graph to a new workspace and the saved .dyn file is only 38k. When I run the script, and save it, the .dyn become over 6 megs! I am attaching the new file to this post.

TreesPlace2.dyn (38.0 KB)
TREESadapted.xlsx (338.1 KB)Dynamo%20Scripts%20size

Does this output look similar to the arrangement you were getting when the graph was functioning?

The run time for this to generate 4492 trees was around 2 minutes on my machine.
How long are you giving this to complete?

The 6mb save size issue is the session trace data.

I believe this is Dynamo keeping a copy of the session transaction so it can be reversed in Revit if required.(4492 trees=6mb)
Try to only save DYN files before using Run. (This is how I work, and it helps if you get the odd crash or two) :wink:do not save DYNs after run

Some things to try.

  1. Ensure you are using Manual Run mode for this.
  2. Place the Excel file in a local location on your PC that you have full permissions over. (Read/Write)
  3. Try recreating the first part of your graph in a new file (to eliminate the possibility of a corrupt DYN issue)
  4. Try an alternative build without your translation of the coordinates (similar to below)
  5. Get a collegue to try it on their machine (checks for a problem with your Dynamo installation)

Post your results and we can help some more. :grinning: