Excel api documention

where can find the functions inside excel class


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With python you can always try two built-in methods to find out what you can do with an object.

The first is dir(obj) where obj is the thing you want to learn about. In this case it might be dir(Excel).

The second is to use the inspect module. This requires first importing the modules via import inspect, and then use the getmembers function passing the object you want to learn about. inspect.getmembers(obj) is the base code, and in this case you’d use something like `inspect.getmembers(Excel). This requires the extra step of the input, but it also lets you know more about what each returned item is, often saving some extra steps as things like property values are returned.

While these are useful, they aren’t going to be as complete as the formal documentation, which you shoudl be able to attain from the program’s author. For Excel it’s likely you want to utilize the interop, which means this would be the place to start: Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel Namespace | Microsoft Docs

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Also to elaborate, I suggest looking into this great set of code here by @c.poupin that shows various ways you can utilize this namespace. It helped me develop a set of nodes (large in part recycling the code with some adjustment) to develop the Excel nodes in Crumple: