Evaluation of Parametertype not working


Hey guys,

am I missing out something on this definition. As far as I know this should be working as I’ve seen it on other definitions. Can anyone tell where the error is coming from?

Thanks in advance.



Not sure If I;m missing something as my Design script is not the best but Element.parameters is used on an element or list of elements to find all the pararmeters of that element.

Here has a bit more info:


But simply, put an element for the input of the element.parameters


Here is my example:


As @Joe.ashton said, Element.Parameters gets the available parameters from an element. You are feeding basic inputs (string, int). You might be looking for the Object.Type node. It returns the object type of the object in question (string, double, int, parameter, etc.)


Thanks Nick and Joe, I see I had a wrong idea of the node. The Object.type node does what I want.