Escape character does not work


I’ve seen examples on this forum with screenshots, and it seems like it should work, but for some reason it doesn’t work with me. Whenever I place a backslash to escape, it just gives me this “Error: EOF Expected”.

What’s the reason and how can I fix it?


My guess would be that the ; isn’t an escape character where a backslash would be required. If you want a backslash inside the string, you need to use a double backslash.


No, what I’m trying to do is have the ; inside the string, which it’s not letting me do.
So something like

“Script Description:


What’s happening is it’s automatically putting them on new lines.


Can’t tell you why but here is an alternative, where the semicolon must be inside a string node:

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Yeah, I already solved it using a workaround like this.

It’s strange. Maybe someone else knows why this is happening.
Thanks for the help.

In design script the ; character will often create a return. Sometimes you can backspace the return and get the desired results after adding the escape character.