"Error: EOF expected" in Code Block node on Dynamo 1.3


If I use a file path string in Code Block node on Dynamo 1.3, I receive “Error: EOF expected”.

When I use the following graph in Dynamo 1.2, there is not any problem.

However, I open same graph in Dynamo 1.3, I receive the following error.

If I type file path (ex. "C:\Temp…) in Code Block node, this issue is happened.
The work around is I type “\” (ex. "C:\\Temp…).

Is this specification change in Dynamo 1.3?


I had to put in
to get a backslash in 1.2.

(Also in AutoLISP strings since the 1980s.)

yes i also use “\\” and “/” as a habit…legacy from LISP…

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Hi truevis, 4bimferdie.espiritu,

Thank you very much for comments.
OK. I should use “\” in code block.