Errors in Exporting panel schedule to excel

hi, im new here in dynamo and i just need some sort of help in fixing my dynamo script.
See attached photo


Hi :slight_smile:

We cannot help you if you :

  1. Do not turn on the previews of all the nodes of your graph
  2. Do not show/write the errors you get while running your script.

im a new user here…im just allowed to post one image.
here is the other half… i apologize.


The problem is whenever i try to run this script, it will just give me an empty excel file.
im new also in using dynamo.


I’m sorry, by previews of all your nodes, I meant the output of each node, at least the ones that come right before the ones bugging :slight_smile: You can turn the preview on by putting your cursor on a node and then pin the result.

Anyway, from what I see here, the UI.ListViewData node do not receive enough inputs (or at least, the node expects some more inputs that it do not have) : you can tell this beacuse the preview of the node is showing Function. I am no expert with this custom package in particular :confused:

Check Panel Schedule View name. Should not have special characters, Name Length not cross 31 Characters.