Errors displayed in the dynamo

What’s wrong with me? I can’t open file and do anything

I’m using verision 1.3.0
This is first time, i create a new topic. I’m so sorry If i have any mistakes
Please help me!!!
Tks so much


Is it possible for you to drop the dyn file here.

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Wow, it’s ok this morning, but don’t show grid in background

@3550 That’s because it got scared with me :smile:

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I know, you mean dynamo scared me or dynamobim scared me :smile:
Just kidding…

@3550 Is your Background Geometry Preview back or you are still facing issue?

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Yeah, That was the problem I encountered when I opened the dynamo for the first time, bro.
I don’t why.
Do u have the same problem as me? have you dealt with it yet?
If yes, pls tell me how… I really appreciate that. Many tks, bro.