Error while filtering and multiplication of numbers from the list

Hi, I have two problems. I wanted to filter out items that are empty but after filtering it only shows me the first item in the list.
How can I multiply a number from a given list?
For example:
5 ​​* 3
1 * 2
2 * 7

Hello @ @seba11 …Could something here help?


Change the List Lacing and you should get the remaining items.

There are a few things going on with your filtering.

  1. An empty or blank space is not the same as 0.
  2. ‘0’ is a string not a number.
  3. x=='0' is a condition. With no value assigned to x, the value is null, making the condition null=='0'. This of course returns false.
  4. You’re now providing one false boolean as the mask to filter items, which is masking only the first item in your list.
  5. You need to check each item against the condition and provide a list of booleans matching the list of filtered items.

What you have:

What you want:

From there you can multiply the filtered values by whatever you want.


Could you explain why it doesn’t work?

As explained above, a blank or empty value is not the same as 0. You’ll get a null value when attempting any mathematical operation on it.

You would have to convert those empties to 0s first.

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