An entry without any value is causing issue in Math.Sum

Hi everyone
There is an issue here with Math.Sum node because of the previous node. One of the entries is empty and I cannot figure out how to remove that or track which element is causing it. Is there any way to solve this?

Hi @salmanjavaid2000

You could filter these values by inputting these values into a β€œ==” node with an empty string (or a β€œβ€; codeblock), and then using these booleans as the filter in a filter.byboolmask node.

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Oh Yeah. Thanks. I was trying with " " before. Didn’t even bother to see β€œβ€.
What If I want to see which element’s value is this, how can I check that?

List.AllIndicesOf :slight_smile:

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If you want to ignore the elements with an empty value completely then you can just filter like @Daan mentioned. If you want to continue with the sum then you can use an If statement to convert the empties to 0.