Error when running a script in Civil 3D


I just wanted to get started with Dynamo for Civil 3D and everything I make or even the sample scrypts do not run. I get an error, please see attached picture.

Does anybody have an idea what it could be?

Dynamo for Civil is up to date and I even tried reistallation.
Dynamo for Revit works properly.


Sorry for the issue. We haven’t yet reproduced it so Would you please attach the version of Civil 3D and Dynamo? Thanks for your more information.

Control Panel - Uninstall a program - search ‘civil’

  1. How about run command “AeccLaunchDynamo” in command line? Same error?

  2. Can you launch Dynamo Player beside Dynamo?


Hello Chaoyu,

thank you very much for your response!

Dynamo Core
Dynamo Civil 3D

13.2.1758.0 Civil 3D 2020.2 Update

In Manage next to Dynamo I have “Run Script” - not dynamo player like in Revit. If I hit that and select the scrypt, no extra window will open but it says scrypt is running successfully. No warning or fatal error. I used one sample scrypt (Civil3D_SplitCorridorSolid) and it did not work, but I got no warning. Maybe it did not work because I need to work on the scrypt and change more then just the name of the corridor. A very simple Scrypt I created - Line by coordinates, worked fine. Could also save the file, without fatal error (which was the case before).

I can launch Dynamo with that command. Launching was never an issue. I can work on dynamo but when I hit run I get the warning I showed in my first post.

Please let me know if you need additional informations.

Thank you!

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:
Dynamo has been released with version update 2. Would you please have a try to install the update from Autodesk Desktop App and check if it will work fine? (Dynamo Player will be shown :D)


Hello Chaoyu,

I updated to version 2 but the error appears unfortunately again.

Dynamo Player is shown, you are right.

Any other idea, what the issue can be?

Thank you!