Error: User node definition not detected

Good afternoon, please help.
I’m new to Dynamo and I can’t figure out how to add a package to this node.
As far as I understand it is that type of libraries in programming. but I don’t understand where to get these libraries.
I attach a screenshot


Hello @egertutanhamon and welcome here…think you had some issue with uploading your images…please try again…thanks now we can see it :wink:

Yes, I’m sorry for some reason it didn’t load right away

No worries…go to package manager and download Datashapes packages

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I probably don’t fully understand I downloaded the Data-shapes v.2021.2.2 package, but I don’t have anything in the installed packages. Although the installed packages are displayed on the left, but the error from the node has not passed

Allright…i can see you had a package installed with the name DataShapesZT dont know that one and where you had get it from…anyway i mean this one here…the real one…


And please tell me if there is an opportunity to find out which package the node belongs to if the package is not installed. And Google does not issue a package on request by the node name.

Later Dynamo versions (2022 if memory serves) automatically inform you of which package any custom nodes which can’t be loaded are from so you could open these in a later build and get the package listing from there. Alternatively the listing of dependencies can also be reviewed in the Dynamo file directly by opening the .dyn in a text editor.

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