Error - specTypeId is not a measurable spec identifier?

Thank you Mr. Wizard. I followed your instructions and it works perfectly! My best wishes to you.

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Thanks for this :slight_smile:


Any idea if this is going to make it into the 2023.1 release?

I’ve installed the update… I’ll let you know. Fingers crossed :slightly_smiling_face:

There is an update?

Revit 2023.1 which includes Dynamo 2.16 was released late yesturday.

Therefore it should be on your Autodesk management portal to download and install. Or speak to who ever looks after this within your company to get them to sort it.


Didn’t show up in the desktop app. I guess I’ll just have to log in to the site and…oh right all of autodesk is broken. lol. Maybe tomorrow.

It looks like it’s been fixed. All working well for me :partying_face:


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For everyone watching this thread, this has now been resolved in the following builds:

  • Revit 2023.1
  • Revit 2023.0.2
  • Revit 2024 (Upcoming release)


Good day, I am wondering in the Revit 2022 that bug will not be fixed? Cause I have the same issue when trying to set a certain workset to the elements

Hi @viktornrozalite - we would need the Revit team to issue a hotfix for DynamoRevit to be able to resolve this, and in older versions these are slower and typically based around a push sequence of Security/Trust.

Have you tried this? Error - specTypeId is not a measurable spec identifier? as the second post in this thread shows a workaround today.

Yeah, I have seen it), but I didn’t understand how to use this converter if I have for instance a bunch of worksets. Does it work only if I have 2 worksets in the project, so I can choose between true/false statements, right?

Finally, I found a solution on how to set up all worksets, using Spring Package, maybe it will help someone

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Ah sorry @viktornrozalite - Life got busy and this slipped off my radar :cry: I’m glad you found a workaround though!

I was unable to upgrade to a newer version than Revit 2023.0.2 because Revit versions are managed by my company, not by me.

So if you are stuck in the dynamo version connected to Revit 2023.0.2 you will find that Element.SetParameterByName works for everything except visibility parameters. You can work around this by creating a parameter called “visibility_indicator” in your revit family.

Then for the actual visibility parameter use the formula:


If you set your visibility_indicator to 1, your visibility parameter of your object will turn visible. This means that if you connect the element.setparameterbyname node to the visibility_indicator. You can control the visibility inside your family. Hope this helps!