Error running 0.7.6 daily build from Revit 2015

I installed the latest daily build and am unable to get it to run successfully from Revit 2015. It works as a standalone and attached to 2014, but when I try to run it from 2015 I get this error message:


Hello Ben Muller,

I just installed DynamoInstall0.7.6.20150212T1253.exe this build and I am able to get it launch on top of Revit 2015.

Which version of Dynamo you were running earlier to Daily Install?

Go to C:\Program Files\Dynamo 0.7 and run DynamoAddinGenerator.exe

Let me know if that doesn’t work.



Ritesh - I was running 0.7.5. Trying the Add-in Generator didn’t change anything, the error still persists.

Anything else I can try? I can go back to 0.7.5 and it works, but not 0.7.6.x