Error in create a cable tray with fitting

I new in dynamo, please anybody help for me. i try to create a cable tray with fittings didnt get the fittings.
i used in MEPover package for this programCable%20tray%20with%20fittings

Thanks in Advance for your help in the program to work

“Sorry i’m new user for this forum, so not able to upload the file”

What is the use of Elements in connected network? It is returning a null which is why you are getting an error. Connect the Select Model Elements directly to Element.Curves.

I done without “elements in connected network” node. but i didnt get the fitting in the cabletray

Does that node make fittings? I thought it only made the cable try and you have to add fittings separately.

Exactly, what @kennyb6 says: it will only create cable trays.

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there is any solution is available for cable tray with fitting in dynamo