Error: Dimension elements by level

Hello everybody.
I modified a forum routine with some ideas I learned here on the forum to use.
But I can’t change a parameter

It create the dimensions between elements, and I would like to dimension the elements with respect to the level

I’ve been trying for days and I can’t solve it, would anyone know to let me know what needs to change?
Annotation -Elements.dyn (103.2 KB)

Hi @renanemeyer,

It is possible but the reference plane must be carefully chosen and the level line rotated.

It will probably be necessary to order the selected elements.
Annotation -Elements V2.dyn (35.0 KB)

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may i know what is the package you are using for this?

Hello Nerdasorus
This node use a “GeniusLoci”.

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Hello Alban

Great observation of adjustments!
Its worked, following your tips and attached model.
Congratulations by the solution and thank you very much

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