Erasing The GUID Record History Data

Hey @JacobSmall,

I am happy to report that I remember most of your lecture at Autodesk University! It really was quite insightful in regards to Dynamo and Memory of GUID information. That being said, I went back (undo) and (redo) in Revit but currently only have 1 (Revision Manager Schedule) shown in Revit.

That being said, I was wondering if there is a way to clear the memory of history within Dynamo and/or utilize a parameter / python code to reset the history of the file originally so it does not recall the other info with the results. See below for an example.

Thanks again Jacob and hope you are staying well!


P.S. I figure this may be helpful for other people as well.

I am 90% certain these are the revisions schedules which occur on your titleblocks. You can check by getting the workset parameter and, where you’ll see something like View "Sheet: A101 - Unnamed" as the value.