Enable Worksharing for New Revit Model

I am quite new to Dynamo, Python, and the Revit API with only limited coding experience (Visual Basic for Excel and C++ in Matlab). My background is in structural engineering.

That said, I am trying to create a graph in Dynamo to run when we begin a new project in Revit. One of the things I would like the Dynamo graph to automate is to enable worksharing (or post-Revit 2016, enable collaboration (server based) and worksharing). My understanding is that there is no node in Dynamo that does this and the only place I found relevant information:


referenced code in three languages (C#, Visual Basic, and C++). Which isn’t too helpful in that I am not familiar with the difference(s) in syntax between those and Python, which I am assuming is the only language I can integrate into Dynamo.

Are my assumptions correct and if so, what is the best way to convert the code or implement with Dynamo? At this point, my role in the company, and time I have on this, prohibits learning programming within the Revit API so the preference is a Dynamo based option.


Hi @MattB29,

There is already a node for this in the Synthetic package :

Just to correct you, the only integrated languages are design script and python in dynamo … BUT developing zero touch nodes are possible in e.g. C# (zero touch are nodes that you cannot ‘‘open’’ and see the workings off, like many packages are made of)

Alban and Jonathan,

Thank you both for your help and input, it is exactly what I needed.

I will be damned that I did a fair amount of research to confirm no package/node existed to perform the operation, only be told otherwise!

Thanks again.

Will this node also allow collaboration over BIM 360?