"Embed image" works only for "Live mode"?

hey all, I’ve two part question:
1- I am exporting some data to excel, then i want to write an image to that excel sheet. The problem is that the excel file doesn’t want to be accessed by two node at the same time. is there a node which tell the script to work out write excel node first and then Embed image node?!

2- there is an issue with “Embed image” node. It works fine with no path file node in it i.e. Live mode. But as soon as I feed it with file path node, it stops working, what’s the issue?

try a passthrough node (clockwork) or a wait/await node (orchid)
or even a code block with


to tell your script to edit excel first step then the second one


thanks for your reply.

but I don’t understand how to use it, is it the right way?!

Maybe something in this can help.

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thanks simon for the link but that topic is regarding posting pictures from revit library, and I am importing a picture from my PC system :confused:

It works this way.

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