Eliminate part of name

Hello everyone,

I have list of elements with names: A_0000_B_C. How I can eliminate _0000 and get just A_B_C?

HI @Gytis_Jurgelevicius

You can use string.replace node, as you see below.

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Thank you @Mohammad_Nawar

It can be solution, but sometimes 0000 isnt constant and I don’t know how to eliminate 0000 in any case :confused:


if you show me your dyn, maybe I can help u


I just want to create views in Revit project browser from existing levels. Name must be made from level name (S_SL17_0_01S) and name of view group (e.g.: floor plans) Result: S_SL17_0_01S_Floor plans. But in this situation I don’t need SL17 and I want to get S_0_01S_Floor plans
I attached my printscreen:

Hi @Gytis_Jurgelevicius

@Mohammad_Nawar solution is not quite right. It added an extra “_” symbol. I suggest you use another approach.

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it’s not adding extra symbol :slight_smile: , I just didn’t put it inside the code block, to remove the underscore “0000_”

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@Mohammad_Nawar It seems you have forgotten to add :grinning:

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Thanks @Mohammad_Nawar @Kulkul

Its works perfectly :slight_smile:

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