Eliminate duplicate curves (including reversed)?

I am putting adaptive components on the edges of curtain panels. The problem is that the curves are redundant (but reversed) where two panels meet.

How to filter a list of curves for unique items if the curves’ direction may be reversed?

This doesn’t work…


Duplicate Item Indices is from archi-lab

That is absolutely brilliant.

>Duplicate Item Indices is from archi-lab

I’m not seeing Duplicate Item Indices except for an old 2014 package with the name “Duplicate Item Indices”. I pasted the Python code from https://gist.github.com/ksobon/8b6a2a5d972456d6d797 and that worked.

There is something not really working with archi-lab and yesterday’s Dynamo build. I don’t see its nodes listing in Dynamo’s Library.

There should be a lot more nodes in the package. Maybe try downloading one of the older ones. It is a very helpful package. I think its from the same creator of Bumbelbee