Elevation placement

I have a script that adds elevations, level, gridlines and sheets based off an excel sheet. It works greate but i notice the levels are not quite aligned nicely with the gridlines so would bave to go in and adjust their locations. I am wondering if there is domething in dynamo that allows me to set the (X,Y) locations of its initial insertion?
The scope box is used for elevation placement and is also located so that its with in the range of the lowest level and gridlines to be visible but the levels denotation lines fall out side of the scope box.

It would be easyer to help if you show us the graph you used to place the levels

When you select a Level or Grid, there is a parameter Scopebox
Try to fill this parameter with the name of your scopebox and see if that helps

Start of Project Script.dyn (164.2 KB)
ProjectStartup.xls (26 KB)
Here is both the script and excel file i use.

Could you make your .dyn compatible with 1.3 or upload your workspace as a img?
Im working with Revit 2018, Dynamo 1.3.3 :stuck_out_tongue:

I am unsure why but it brakes if i try and use an older version. 2.0.2 is a free download