Elements to mass

Hi everyone,

I need to convert multiple walls, or other revit elements into a mass…
the goal is that I can clic on a top surface and it will select all the geometry top surface at once… same for the bottom…

However, the way I try to do it doesn’t work… Do you guys know why?

thanks for your help!


I would guess this would involve a Boolean.Union node to convert the individual wall solids into one solid.

Edit: Categories node should be set to Mass as well I think.

In french mass is volume thats why :slight_smile:

So boolean.union merge different solids into 1 ?

Hi, it would be helpful if you show the error and/or other node outputs for references.

The rest of the script has nothing to do with it, it is to create walls according to the surface I choosed. It says error because I didnt pick a surface. The goal is to recreate a geometry, then use it as a base geometry to pick my surfaces.

Right now nothing gets created, but no error… i tried , boolean.unions but it has the same problem… i might have to create curves, then trim at each intersection to create 1 single closed boundary and extrude it accordingly… I dont know… it will be 2 different scripts, 1 will make the geometry, the other one will create walls around it !

Hello @fbergeronPM5NT
for create mass you can use DirectShape method

It is working perfectly, but not as I want, thanks for the node, I will for sure use it in the future.
I think what I want is just not realisable, i will have to find another way to do it !

Everything I try doesn’t seem to work…

It create geometry, but it stays split elements… It doesnt want to create 1 big volume that has no segment cutting the entire surface… Everytime a wall cut another one, the geometry splits

If I group Z values, I should be able to create 2 surfaces based on points. that should be the best way to succeed I think ! However I don’t succeed to group my points by Z value damn