Elements Parallel to the view

Hi All,

I’m trying to create a filter to select only the elements parallel to the view, excluding the elements that intersect the view in any other angle.

I manage to make a script with some vectors, but it doesn’t work always. Sometimes it takes only the perpendicular elements.

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance.

In addition, in the Dynaworks package is a node NavisViews.GetViewDirection. Is there a node similar to this but for revit?

How can I get the Direction of the view?

I got it! Finally I used a recomendation from @Dimitar_Venkov in this topic:



Hi @Jorge_Villarroel !
Would you mind posting your definition or a screenshot of it? Dimitars screens are too small to read.

Hi @Christian_Boggild_Sc. Sorry the delay, here is the definition that works for me:

If questions, just ask.


Hi Jorge can you please post the whole graph if that is ok? thanks.


Hi @jaloot ,

Here is the custom nodethat worked for me.


ViewParallel.dyf (18.2 KB)



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